Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reclaim Scented Candle Warming Wax for Layered Candles or Fire Starters

My sister in law gave me a mason jar warmer, and I use scented wax tarts or votives in it.  After a week or so (if I am using it regularly) the scent is faint and it is time to dump it and get a new one.  I always feel bad wasting and I have come up with 2 uses for the wax!

Layered Jar Candles & Fire Starters

Both of these make use of other recycled materials.  

Layered Jar Candle


  • melted wax, from your warmer
  • smallish glass jar from the recycle bin, mine is a small jelly jar
  • candle wick, I try to use at least one votive in the warmer, and I save the wick.  You can also take a piece of 100% cotton string and dip it in the melted wax to make a wick, 
  • paper clip, if you are not re-using the votive wick with the metal piece at the bottom, this will be used as a little weight at the bottom of your wick to keep it from floating up.
  • thread
  • pencil
  • paper bag on work surface in case of spills
  • scrap of cloth, optional
  • decorative string, optional
Tie the end of the thread to the top of the candle wick ( put the paper clip on the end of the wick if there is not a metal piece there already), then place the wick in the jar.  cut the thread off about 3-4 inches above the rim of the jar.  Place the pencil across the top of the jar and tie the thread to it such that the wick stays upright without lifting off of the bottom of the jar.

You are now ready to pour the used wax into the jar.  I tuck my jar in side of a kitchen cabinet while awaiting the next layer of wax.  Continue to layer until there is only bout a 1/4" wick exposed. Now cut off the thread, if you would like to gift it cover it with a scrap of cloth and tie a string around it.
Finished Product

 Fire Starters

Fire Starter in progress


  • melted wax, from your warmer
  • paper type egg carton from the recycle bin
  • paper,grab non-glossy from recycle bin, best is more paper egg carton 
  • Dryer lint works great if youve been drying cotton materials, otherwise paper is fine
  • paper bag on work surface in case of spills
Rip the lid off of the egg carton, tear it up into smallish bits and place them in the bottom sections of the egg carton.  Use another egg carton, dryer lint, newspaper or whatever to fill all the sections.  Now you are ready to add the melted wax.  I have started the first two sections above. It will take several cycles of warmer melts to fill them all, so I will leave it in the cabinet in between.

To use simply break apart the sections once filled with wax.  Place them under your little wood bundle and light the egg carton with a match. It will catch easily and stay lit long enough to catch your tinder burning.

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