Friday, April 6, 2012

Responsible Purging: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Refuse

I really, really want to pare down the house.  Would love to live in a minimalist house- at least my fantasy-self thinks she would.  I wonder, from past experience, would I sabotage?  Would the space I see in magazines and have at hotels leave me feeling empty.  In the past I have filled it back up - with different stuff.  At least it was newer stuff that I can say better suited my current self, but what of all of the stuff that has finally been displaced?

Here is where I am trying to go with this post, really.  I see the blogs and videos of decluttering, where so much is thrown in the trash.  I understand that you should not donate or give away trash.  But so often that is not the case, rather it is just the easiest, quickest answer.  I know some people have truly hoarded actual trash, and there is no place for that but the skip.  For many it is not trash, we just keep to much 'good' stuff.  Perfectly good, usable stuff.  That is the reason we kept it right?!

When we finally see the light, while it may be easiest to throw it in a landfill, where those resources are lost for eons perhaps.  I feel it is my penance for collecting it in the first place to find it a proper home, where it can actually be used!  While I don't need 50 towels,  someone else may have actual need for some of towels I am no longer housing. And even if those towels are shabby, they can be used by an animal shelter!

Be Responsible, allow for the reuse of things you no longer need.  Not only will you directly help those who receive your discarded items, but the entire planet (really, I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true!!!) will benefit from your generosity.  Remember, if it is not worth selling but still in good condition, donate it.  I just keep a   bag hanging just inside the door in the garage, so I can quickly grab an item as I find them and toss them in as I go.