Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Simply Reducing versus Minimalism

I have always been inspired by those who were blogging about becoming minimalist   At the same time though I have always been leary of them.  I found myself wondering if they were really minimalists, or even truly headed there. I always found myself pondering the task, and while I was inspired, not sure that it was a destination I was willing to arrive at.

I have continued to try to work towards reducing the stuff around me.  Hoping to log my efforts I started this blog.  When I found that it is really just a journal for me, as no one else can find it to view, my ambition dwindled to just a few posts now and again.

In purging my emails i came across a reference to a blog I have been inspired by from time to time.  I was at first dissappointed to see this post  I was afraid she was just going to discontinue happens... Instead she discusses her choice to continue writing The Minimalist Mom though consenting that perhaps she is not truly a minimalist, rather a minimizer.  

She also refers to other co-bloggers who have abandoned their minimalist blogs/websites and started up new ones that center on .....simplification!  So, guess I was ahead of the curve there, but I really should have grabbed the Simplify website instead of starting a blog, then maybe these people would have been reading my thoughts.  On the flip side, i can enjoy reading theirs :)