Monday, August 27, 2012


Well we took some time off, and spent a bit of it away from the house since April.  I suppose that is one way to deal with it....though its a slap in the face when  you get back.  We need a house elf.

We have made some changes that are good.  And while we have brought some new items into the house, not as many as in the past.  we used to go away and come back with loads of stuff, that often hung around unused, would finally be put 'somewhere'.  Generally nothing left when something came in, so there is the accumulation.

 At Disney this spring we did succumb to some trinkets.  Of course having spent so much on that trip it was easier not to be tempted to overbuy (spend). As our biggest 'souvenir' this summer we brought home shower curtain rods! Yup, that is right. The rods are great, we got a great deal, and they are super useful.  They are curved to give is more space in the shower.  It really was like getting a new bathroom.  The feel is that different (of course we had repainted them in the spring).

We did get rid of lots of incidentals along our way.  i.e. outgrown and worn out shoes, sandals and bathing suits.  We also cleaned out the camper a bit. And tossed some stuff to make more room, which when there are 5 people sharing less than 240 sq.ft.  you have to wander why we would have ANYthing that we don't NEED.  like the old mattress pad that was used for moving stuff.  I have no idea why it was in there, but we chucked it, as it was in rough shape and not donatable.  I went to our attic over the summer and found a 30 gallon bin on old moving blankets.  They have been there for 6 years, since we moved in.

The line must be drawn somewhere.  And even that 1 it worth the space in my mind and garage?  IF my house were perfectly clean and i had a place for everything, then the bin of moving blankets would not bother me.  But as i am struggling every day that i am here to organize, does it make sense?  could i chuck them-or donate to a shelter?  then move something that i am more attached to up there?  what about all of the stuff that i have already decided needs to go but am waiting for a tag sale, and consignment sale?  is it worth it?  and all of the boxes that i am keeping for warranty (or the lego boxes that i keeping for my son?

So much more to contemplate on this journey.