Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Too Many Irons...?

soo.. been a long while since i have written about my efforts.  I have made many....yet seem to make at least as many backwards as i do forwards.  

I am stuck in a waiting room, and chose to read some motivational material on minimalism over at Happy Herbivore.  I read this: 

" you do not need two irons, even if they both work. Keep one and donate the other. Less is more."

I thought, oh boy, I'm guilty!  I have two, one is a regular size iron for bigger jobs, and the other is a travel iron.  Mostly i prefer the travel iron.  I have trouble with the weight of the larger item, and so i acquired the smaller iron, but there are those jobs where i really need the larger item.   o.k. but to be honest it has been a while... maybe a year!  

Oh, no!  I have a 3rd iron, in the cellar.  We used it for our Tele skis....but wait there is now I remember there is a 4th iron!  It is smaller iron, specific to the skis....again less cumbersome than the original house iron that we had dedicated to wax use.   O.k.  so that is one full-size house iron that I will be chucking when i get home :)

So that is will still leave me with two household irons and a ski iron.  one ski iron is reasonable.  Two house irons....not sure. if i had to give one up i guess it would be the full-size less often used iron, but not sure i am ready to commit to that....

I also have 4 ironing boards now that I am in the garage.  It was my grams, it is indestructible metal. I guess that when i brought home the full-size antique wooden one that makes me happy to see, i put this one in the garage, at least 2 years ago.  Then i have a much smaller table top 1/3 length board that my dh has had since college.  Again, as it is easier to maneuver, and most of the time i am ironing small things.  But there are those times, when i am ironing large pieces of material that i do break out the big board and the larger iron--and these task would be ridiculous with the travel size iron and board....then i have a mid-size board in the attic, it is cabinet board that needs to be installed in a wall and would replace the small ironing board....i just have not found an appropriate place for it....  

How many other crazy duplicates do i have?!

well, next in the above-mentioned article was printers !!! Turns out i have 3... yup.  One has a scanner, which i use all of the time.  BUT it is a color ink jet with very expensive ink.  then I have a black and white laxer printer that i do almost all of my printing.  And the third is a new color printer that i have using with food coloring for cakes....a little crazy.  but fun?  of course the cost of that food color ink is expensive, and once you open it you have to use it regularly to keep it from clogging.  so even when i have wanted to use it have not, because I only want to do one project... so it is sitting unopened......for a year!  so a decision really has to be made on this one.  of course i can always opt to use it for regular printing, but then it cannot be used for food after.

well, i think it is obvious at least 1 iron and board will go to the out bin today!  the printer, well, i wonder if the new one has a scanner to replace my older color printer/scanner  (my old scanner is so old that i have to re-install it every time i use it)  and then if i really want a frosting sheet printed out i will go to the local bakery--I will pay more per sheet--but not really! if i printed my own it would cost $1....except then i either have to find a use for the rest of the $75 food ink cartridge, and i have invested the space and money in another it was a silly thing to get into.

I am going to go home and try to get rid of 100 things!  ( I am so far from owning only 100 items, this is much more reasonable a goal--problem is not replacing them!)