Thursday, April 9, 2015

Consignment = Motivation

One thing done, and then some.  In the past I said no more consignment sales, if you break down the work, aggravation and materials needed (safety pins, coat hangers, tags and large ziploc bags) and that you only get half of what an item sells for they are simply not worthwhile.  BUTTTTT... they are a great motivator.  I had a drop-off appointment which equals a deadline.  So  I went to town with a goal of tagging 200 items.

I had 3 days to do it.  I had put some things that I felt that were worth something in the garage.  I grabbed those on the first day and tagged 150 items.  Day 2, well I did nothing really.  Day 3 I was not far off so I grabbed some more boxes of the garage and managed to tag an additional 50 items.

I was then super motivated and thought that I might really do some damage and grabbed some older boxes of kid clothes that had never been unpacked when we moved.  Well that sure slowed me down.  a lot of them had stained yellow, and from experience i knew that they could be removed. For the most part I decided they were not worth it, I must have put another 30 pieces in for rags.  Being plain sick of tagging I  am giving another 20 pieces of clothing to a coworker of my husband to send to Africa.  I will also, immediately donate to him any of the items that don't sell to this cause.
I also have another 25 miscellaneous items that i will donate locally.

I am also reminded that buying less will mean more space in my house and that I will spend less time trying to organize it, sort it and send it on its way.