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200 items heading to kids consignment

yogurt maker, crepe maker , mini food processor (got a super one), Juicer (we need to chew our food to get the maximum nutrients). weird tool to hold food while chopping (gift) etc.   I needed space for new pressure cooker!


wow! i have seriously slacked on posting here!  plenty has left!  before our big family vacation we had a huge push to get rid of stuff and told the kids that for every pound they helped ditch that we would have one $ towards our vacation, and that was about 75 #

Here is a photo Library of most of the "useful" things that I have actually removed from my living space.  Ideally I would hold myself accountable for incoming the same way....I have to say that often I do not take the time to take a photo of stuff I am tossing, but having looked back at the things from 2012, it's kind of nice, to see simple things that we once used and remembering.
4/11 About 60 clothing items my girls no longer wear!

2/18 Lands End just doesn't hold up they are in the bin

2/17 Neighbors dog ate hole in boots and daughter was hiding them in closet, and grease does go bad...who knew.

oops! 2 prs. NWT in box with rainboots and outgrown

Had 4 pairs of these rain boots in sealed packages!!  never even opend and the kids outgrew them.  Gone now, there was also a lightly used Bean raincoat that went out with this lot.

too small

Loved this piece, but the top drawer was too sticky for the kids and dh was not interested in retrofitting slides

Lands End down coat, zipper failed (LE is hard to deal with) so we took the feathers and made dd a down pillow!!!



Outgrown shoes, cleared up space by the door.
The slippers were composted.
This is just some of my material stash, my husband decided
he would not want to see any of this in our house, so why
keep it?
2 Gallons of Ceiling Paint, not being used
 given away to
the first willing person to come through the door!

Utensils that I had duplicates of.

Love the Bottle, but the scent
was too strong

Yarn--the kids can only use so much- freecycled to a crafter who works with the elderly, also added other little odds and ends, until she came :)

Freecycled--he got a new one
30+ pounds from kinds bedroom shelves!!!

Gave this to a friend who can actually do Cross Stitch
It has been 9 years since i have worked on it!
Mother gave these 4 baby blankets now-
-my youngest is 6!?
nnMy 6 yo removed these from her art drawer,
so that she could shut it.

4 shirts and sweater I have had since Highschool,
 and a pair of tights
they no longer fit in this either- try as the would

they could not fit all of their books on the shelves they have
they still cannot, but we are taking it in stages,
so as to avoid shock
great toy!  We still have 1
we sold this on CL  :)

The kids no longer fit in the house

He had another....
Santa Brought these for all 3
the youngest seriously disliked them
and they're down!
I get one with every surgery
I bring them with me, but am in no state to refuse a new one
and the nurse gives me one every time.

our local survival center has a free medical clinic I am fond ot
so it will have a new home
Loaned items returned to their owner
Barbie Camper Youngest saved for and hated because it was
8 Pairs of hockey skates outgrown
and we have 3 more ready to go sitting in a bin
Bib Bag I made-our youngest is 6,  hmmmm...

broken zipper pul
but, i had a working thermometer!

Found bed at local thrift for $5
I made those linens to match our living room
beautiful, except the kids just packed it full of random stuff
, and never played with it

we were given a second because one is never enough....
we gave to a friend

Just didn't keep his attention
past the initial build
not a good value for the space
sold for a few dollars
we don't drink coffee...
in yard sale box
Girls prefer the bunk bed I had as a child
donated-don't like, won't use.
I didn't like this
in highschool
had 2 sets, the other fit in file box, so this one left

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