Tuesday, November 26, 2013

300 Pounds of Clutter!

300 Pounds of Clutter and it barely made a dent :(

As mentioned in a previous post, we  have a tv.  And we bought an Xbox.  Just jump in head first right?  The kids were very excited, however, my trepidation was obvious. I blurt out, "but you have to earn it"!  They sort of slowly turn and stare a moment, then the little one asks how.  I have no idea where this genius came from, but  tell them that we will credit them $1 for each pound of stuff that we move off the property.  DH thought this was terrible, cruel and impossible.  The kids did not hesitate!  They loved the challenge, and it kept them busy.

They started in the easy places.  Trash in their art area and the bag where they toss things they no longer need want or fit.  DH cleaned out the wood shop with them and let them weigh wood scraps they picked up.  about 4 days in I told them they had 1/2 hour outdoors where they would get 2# credit for each pound they brought and they found about 10# mostly in toys they could do without-they went straight to the curb and were quickly re-homed

They found a grocery bag of underwear that they don't need or like.  They went through their pajamas, they are still not able to shut the drawer, and 2 pairs is really enough, so we will have to do that again.  The drawers under the bathroom cabinets were cleaned out and organized, no more broken headbands or other things that were never used but only shoved in the back.  Even the odd bits of cloth that the girls sew doll clothes was gone through for stuff they could relinquish to the effort.

The toy closet was cleaned out again.  They tossed a couple of the thinner beach towels.  at one point my son told me that as he saw it we did not need a couch in our bedroom.  After all if we got rid of the couch (its a big old mahogany frame) that would pretty much finish the challenge.  He might be right about the couch....but didn't win that battle.

I have to say that we had more fun with the challenge of earning the game than the game itself.  Well, maybe my son would not feel that way.  He is a gamer it seems.  though when i suggested maybe we didn't need so many Legos as he is playing games not Legos.  The conversation that followed was that if he had to pick one or the other it would be Legos, yet as i pointed out that was not what was happening. so we will see.

we sent a bag of clothes to Haiti with our local school.  we put together another but it is still in the back of the van so it will go to goodwill instead.  We filled the van at leas 2 times with loads to the Goodwill.  Somehow when i said it I thought that it would be a stretch to remove 300 pounds from the house.  My husband thought that it would be empty.  We were both wrong!
The Much Smaller Prize at the end

I was ready to end the challenge.  But no I would like to do another one!  but now that the cream has been removed it is more tedious, the decisions more difficult on what to let go.