Monday, September 22, 2014

Repair of Sagging Door : Tutorial to Fix Hinges that are Pulling Out

So I was trying to figure out why my closet door was no longer easily working.  After a moment of observation it was obvious that the door was sagging, and upon further investigation the cause was that the hinges had started to pull out of the frame.

Sooo, this is partially my own fault. I use an over the door top style shoe organizer to organize little items on the back of the front closet door.  Let me just say, I Will continue to do this, I don't have the space not to, and it is super convenient.  I should probably try to only put the stuff that I really use regularly there in order to reduce the weight.  The second cause is children who like to hang on door knobs.  (I did this repair a while back, and since the kids have been much more aware, and i have seen no further problems with the door, although the door organizer is once again overwhelmed.)

Below are the steps I took to fix the door.  :)

Here you can see the loosened hinge.  I tried to tighten the screws and found that the wood of the door frame had been stripped.
I put some scrap paper under the front edge of the door before removing the hinge screws. 

Removed the screws and you can see the stripped holes.

Gathered the tools for the job.  I picked a drill bit that was just slightly larger than the existing holes, and that I had a dowel that was just a smidge bigger than.  The tape is used to mark the drill bit at a reasonable depth, you can see against the tape measure that the tape is placed at about 1 inch.

I centered the drill bit in the existing hole and drilled until the tape was brushing against the door frame

Glue, an wood dowel that i pre-cut to just shy of 1" lenght and a hammer to pound it in (i picked a dowel that was just a smidge bigger than the diameter of the drill bit)

I put the wood glue all around the dowel, and will insert the glue end first so that the glue will smear the length of the dowel as I pound it in.

Once the dowels are in I left the hinges off overnight to let it dry, and then replaced the hinges and screwed them into the dowels!  Voila!

While the glue was drying I sorted through the accumulated sundries in the shoe organizer and tossed a bunch of stuff!