Sunday, February 16, 2014

One Thing Everyday! Thread Organization Today

I am going to try something new.  I am going to try do  one thing everyday.  Something that is not an everyday thing.  This could be a new organizing project, Or moving something out of the house, or even going out and doing something with the kids that we don't frequently do.  Anything that changes up my day and improves our lives.  Very broad, shouldn't get bored with this any time soon LOL!  I will try to post here especially with tutorials on projects.  Today's is actually a project that started yesterday, that was interrupted by an important family matter (so i guess that was yesterdays thing, although I will not blog about that ;)

Thread Organization : Hanging Thread Racks Using Monkey Hooks!

I found these racks on sale at Joann Fabrics.  I had them standing on the table surface behind my machine, but could only fit 2, I need at least four for all of the thread.  Also they leaned up against the wall and were taking off the paint.  Frustratingly they would sometimes get bumped off.  

Solution, hang them on the wall.   It frees the work surface and doubles storage!  I could even triple it, but this is all I need for now.  Though I may add two more for my serger thread a later date.

The racks do not come with a way to hang them.  I have one other rack that is for the smaller thread spools.  that one i was able to hang using 3M velcro strips!  It has been up for a couple of years.  This thread is heavy though.  so i first mounted picture hangers on the thread racks.  i used tape to hold it in place while hammering in nails

Note the placement of the hanger mount, one 35# hook is sufficient so I am placing one in the middle on the surface that will be vertical when the rack is on the wall.  I might consider using 2 mounts one on each side if there is any issue with that top wooden bar of the thread rack torquing.  I will edit this post if that occurs, but i think that this will be fine, and lead to fewer holes in the wall.  The hooks I am using are the Monkey Hooks, also called Incredible Hooks, and a few other things, you can buy all over the place.

After determining where you want to place the rack,  use a stud sensor that senses electrical to determine if there is electrical in the wall there.  You may have to move it if there is (if you are mounting light weight thread use the Velcro option) .  Then use a finish nail with a similar diameter to the hook and pound it in.  If there is a stud there, simply finish pounding in the nail and hang the rack on it, chances are there will not be a stud there though, so pull out the nail, and put your monkey hook in the hole!  Voila hang your Thread rack and arrange colors in a pleasing manner!


  1. Thanks for the information about your spool holders. They all look wonderful.

  2. Thank you I am very happy with the outcome of increased space, and surprised by how much I enjoy seeing them there.