Thursday, March 1, 2012

Weight Out

I thought that i had pulblished this a few days ago,  it went to draft, so this was done a few days ago :)
I sold a table!  My husband thinks I should keep track of all of the pounds of things leaving.  That was after he carried this mammoth table up from the kids play area so that i could sell it.  He made a good point, but I wouldn't even know how to weigh something that large!!

This table just attracted clutter.  The idea was for the kids to use it for their lego projects, thus keeping the Legos off of the floor.  Well they still preferred to play on the floor and the table just filled with clutter.  So out it goes, and we are happier with the space.

We also passed on stewardship of some Legos and a vintage Capsela-which was built once and then left in the closet.

Fast-forward to several days later.  We have an unexpected home day.  I am thrilled to have everyone together to make some changes.  Unfortunately we squander time doing many routine chores that very much need doing.  Suddenly, I remember a 'doable' project that I need them for, we will clean off the kids bookcases in their room.

First know that we do not play in the bedrooms, the primary function of this room is sleeping and secondary is dressing.  However we do have 2 bookcases in there, as reading is done before bed or at rest times.  The top of the bookcases are used to showcase 'special' items that cannot be left in the public areas of our home.  Of course I forgot the before photo, my apologies.  However, we have the photo of the bin of stuff and an after photo of the shelves!  The bin weighed 31 pounds!!!!!  That was 31 pounds of stuff that everyone was happy to have out :) 

Funny thing is, that while we thought we would remove a few things, we had no idea there was THAT much!  It didn't look too bad.  None of it has been missed.  The kids played for hours in there after, and I noticed a VERY different feel to the space, much more inviting. 

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