Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blogging Progress

So this blog is still not showing up on the google search :(  But it is still keeping me motivated, and slightly accountable.  I am having fun logging my progress.  Also, my husband (aka my only reader at this point) is actually reading the posts and staying interested!  This is seriously impressive.  After I had finished the first 8 posts he asked what i was reading, and I simply handed over the PC.  He read them all, commenting, 'good point" and "well-written"  and such here and there.  Of course, I thought he might just be doing it for my sake.  Obviously he knew it was my writing, right?!  Nope.
He got to the post about the quilt book project and was amazed someone else had done it.  Then he saw the picture of the quilt and told me after he thought I must have submitted the photo.  At this point I explained that it was my blog he was reading.

So he has been surprisingly supportive.  I thought he might think that I was wasting time that I should be using to get the house under control.  However, that does not mean he remembered to put bacon grease in the jar at first.  Nope, he wasted napkins...oh, well.  When we run out, I will not replace them.  Then as he is searching for napkins, I can hope that he will remember the jar and determine that to be the easier route.

Now, anyone for the scent of eucalyptus?  I was given the most beautiful jar of hand cream a while back.  I want the jar, but every time I or someone else uses it I get the worst headache.  I hate to waste it, and yet I really want to reuse the jar for a cream that I can use.  If I don't come up with a solution in a week, I am donating it jar and all.

Update: my husband has shared the blog with a coworker!

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