Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Here Have Some STUFF

I can see stuff everywhere in yet don't know which direction to go.  On those days I tried to just pick just 1 thing. 1 thing to do. 1 thing to organize. Or 1 thing to get rid of. yesterday was one on those days. I picked 1 thing to get rid of for starters. I sometimes write things down at night but it's too late for me actually do them, but I wanna make sure that I don't forget. On a day when I'm stuck, I can consult my little notebook and choose 1 simple thing to do.

 I also like to list crazy big projects that probably won't get done, but well, I guess it's another form of purging, I'm purging my mind .

 So, a quick check of the book, and I see a good idea to get rid of an extra waffle iron. "No", you're thinking, "how do you have an extra waffle iron?"  Well, I had 1 for the house and 1 for our camper. For a long time the 1 the camper got so much use it was amazing,  as well as the 1 in the house .  Then we bought a griddle. The griddle was so handy, we used it all the time, so instead of making waffles we found ourself making pancakes and the little waffle iron never came out.  Somewhere along the way, we completely forgot about the waffle iron. That is until I was considering this whole minimalist thing, in racking my brain for easy things to get rid of I remembered this now unused item.

 I have a friend who to taught me how to make almond flour waffles, as I am trying to reduce the amount of wheat I am eating. Today she came to visit, and I happen to mention "do you need a waffle iron?".  She replied that indeed she did, she felt that hers was on its way out. And so that was 1 item released from my stuff, and a gift to a worthy friend!

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