Monday, February 27, 2012

My Kind of Clutter and the ICE Age

If i had to categorize my kind of clutter, I would say it is of the 'I might need it one day variety.'  And you see I actually, almost convince myself that it is not really clutter, you've never heard this before....*drum roll here* is useful!!!!  Yup that is right, it is all good helpful stuff.

Pictures are helpful here for me.  I can snap a shot and then look at it as if it were a photo in a magazine.  Then let loose, and tell myself what I really see.  10 tubes of toothpaste.  Useful? yes....but it doesn't leave the space any less cluttered, especially sitting next to 10 new toothbrushes.
Now, and here is my excuse, my MIL is not very involved in our lives.  One thing she does do is make sure her son and grand children are clean!  If you can buy it at the drugstore, I am sure we have more than enough (we really do go through the toilet paper regularly--and THANK YOU! if ever she should find this blog, although I doubt that, as she she is not much for the internet and I can't find this blog when I google it with the exact phrases I have used to write it!)  At any rate, I hate to say "no" to anything she does do, because we are afraid that will be the last thing she ever does....but we are working on a way to let her know.

The other ironic thing is that a lot of the things she brings, we either use minimally or not at all, as they just don't fit our lifestyle.  In the meantime, I stash all of this perfectly good, useful stuff away. Because, say there is a natural disaster, and we cannot procure our usual supplies, these would all be swell!  Or we might have company in need.  And more than once I have told my husband, well we have the space, so what does it hurt to store it so that we don't have to spend money we don't have buying it at some future point...

only, I think we are running out of space.  AND I cannot keep things as orderly as I would like (isn't that well-put!?)

Sabretooth Crampon

By the way stop by my house if we hit the Ice Age, I have some crampons and Plastic boots--I have been down my dominant hand for 3.5 years now, so NO I have not been ice climbing or mountaineering lately, but I might need them one day, right?  Maybe this is "I didn't get enough use out of it" crap?  Or is it my two-handed fantasy junk?

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