Saturday, February 18, 2012

Get Rid of It

The Get Rid of It tab at the top is a photo library where i will be posting pictures of things.  Certainly not all of them, I know I have already missed boatloads--when you are in the mood to fling, sometimes you don't want to slow down for photos.  Other times, it seems like such a herculean effort to clean out and part with items that you want to memorialize your success and share it.
stuff that was on loan that is ready to go back with its owner
and a few Christmas present that were found on top of the Piano...

I will try to post a picture and the thinking behind why it left our home.  Sometimes i will add where it is going and/or why.  I hate to waste, and hate to send things to the landfill...

"Put it in the 'get rid of its'!"  That is how it was phrased by my mother.  I still think this, but in practice we have been using a green Lego bin in the kids area where they can simply put anything they no longer want to have to clean up.

Right now I in the middle of a real purge, I will have another post on that in the near future.  For the first time the kids have really been involved--and i think that they are enjoying it.

I also, added an About Page, so you can understand what I am presently trying to accomplish with my blog.  First and foremost, this has to be something that I want to do, as I am not sure that anyone else (save my poor husband, who almost chided me into writing a blog by joking i should write a blog because what else would i do with my photos of stuff i am getting rid of) will ever read this.

Happy I am to try.

Is this a sustainable practice time will tell...will I run out of things to get rid of, run out of other things to reduce and simplify?  At this point I don't think so, but it is nice to believe that it might be possible to 100 percent achieve this goal.  

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