Sunday, February 28, 2016

How Much Makes You Happy

What makes you happy?  That is the question of the day.  You know the whole Mari Kondo question of what sparks joy.

Well roller blades seem to bring the family quite a bit of joy when we are using them and not spending our time sorting through things.  So I think we can keep them, right? Not so fast.

Now let me see, there are  5 of us in this family.  Yes, there are 12 pairs of roller blades....let's do some math here....

There may be some things in life where some is good and more is even better.  Maybe oxygen and money?  Studies have shown that an increase in income increases happiness, up to a point!  I know, if you are like me you are rolling your eyeballs, and wondering how there could ever be too much money. And while I am not there personally, I have witnessed enough media to think I can believe this data.  All those ultra-rich people you see making seriously bad decisions, and you end up thinking, 'well at least i don't have that going on".  

Rollerblade are not like this, I don't use them up, so it's good to have more in reserve, and personally I find wearing more than one pair at a time impossible.  I have to admit, i do have both roller blades and quads, and I think I might be guilty of having a 3rd pair in the pile.  Of course MY 3rd pair, can be justified by the fact that right now my son can wear it, and that it won't be long before they are adopted by my daughters as they grow.  However, one pair should be enough for everyone else ;)  That is said only slightly sarcastically.  As I am the only one with a different type, and ultimately the '3rd' pair is being reassigned to another family member, which should leave about 5 pairs of skates that no one will wear.  Owning things no one will regularly use, will congest the garage, actually decreasing my happiness.

It seems that with most things that there is a place of balance, a place of happiness, this place is called enough.

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