Thursday, January 28, 2016

States Tour

recently told that touring the country 'by myself' with my 3 kids was amazing and brave....would they have said that if my husband had done the same thing.  I did feel vulnerable on a few occasions, but I know that there are many men who would not have taken the risk of feeling vulnerable.  I am lucky that while sometimes there are some people in our society who might see a woman alone with children as "easy prey" ( and let me tell you, maybe the look in my eyes, told any would-be predators not to mess with me or mine, but they would have regretted that choice)...I am lucky, that I am comfortable knowing that I am least as comfortable as one can be knowing that crossing the road, you could be hit by lightning....I am lucky that I chose to take the risk and live.  I am lucky that everyone i met along the way was a fellow human.

ok, but maybe they were not saying it that way.  maybe they just meant it was amazing, and it was. And that it was brave, it was that too!  I had to take the kids out of school, and spend EVERY MINUTE with them--well, I did let them go into the bathroom alone....most of the time....while I waited outside the door ;)  We drove 22,000 miles in less than 3 months, with 3 kids in the backseat of a PRIUS  = COZY.  Interestingly there has been more bickering and bad attitudes since we have returned to normal life--well, mostly, we are still homeschooling.

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