Monday, March 16, 2015

More of Less

so the saying goes, less is more, but perhaps sometines we need more of less.

This is where i am at.

We have just finished going through my daughters closet.  They have to share, but it is a big closet....this is not going to last is it? LOL!  but right now it works, they are close to the same size, only their jeans are different, everything else they share.  i think there are a few items that are a that's yours, this is mine.  But even those they often 'borrow' from each other....
60+ Items leaving daughters closet!

My younger daughter weeded out 13 pairs of jeans that are now too tight, or she just doesn't like to wear.  At first i was concerned there would be nothing left.  But after a quick count i found that she still had 24 pairs!!  that is a clean pair a day for more than three weeks without wash!!!  crazy.  she ends up with new ones when grandparents get a pair for siblings, and then ends up with the hand-me -downs from both siblings.  So really I would like to see a few more go, mostly because the closet is so crammed it is hard to work in.  \This cut helped a lot.  Maybe I can get them to do it again in a week or two.

Then there is the part of me that says that if we have it, and i chuck it, and then she ruins several pairs after i have weeded to only what we needed....then i have to spend $ we don't have on new ones....  it is all about balance i know....

Update:  I wrote this a while back and then did not post right away.  I have since stopped buying clothes for the girls.  They have continued to grow, and weed out clothing.  We have recieved a few hand-me downs and a few gifts of  clothing.  They still have too much.  So I will continue to save my money, and not shop!  And wait until they really need clothes ( I think bathing suits will be the first up), then we will get them clothes they really like in a very reasonable quantity.  I may spend more per item, but overall I will save on laundry, time, and money as well as the headache.

When they have too much to easily put away it becomes a fight to get them to put it away.  If there is always something more to wear, then why bother getting it to and from the wash ;)

Now if only i could get rid of some of my own 'perfectly good' clothing to make it easier to work in my closet....

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