Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Creation Reducing...

So sometimes I like to create, which can be seen as the opposite of reducing.  Or can be seen as reducing the number of mass produced items in my household ;)
I find that creativity is a major outlet for me, therefore also reducing stress!  Even when the world is crazy, the family is at or or I am dragging around sick ( and right now all three of those are true)  I can muster the energy to face the day if I am working on a good project.  I will end up squeezing in the daily tasks that would otherwise never get done while i sat around lamenting feeling poorly, and at the end of the day be proud of both my efforts and the projects.

Today's big projects were an embroidery for a chair cover that i will be sewing for a dear small friend and an advent calendar.  I could not sleep due to my head cold last night and stayed up digitizing instead.  I am really happy with the way it came out.  HOWEVER,  it was late and combined her nickname with her real name---oops!  This was a test stitch out that i hoped to make into a pillow cover.  Hopefully that will still happen...less the name ;) 

Next up, and I really thought this would go quicker, was an advent calendar.  I had wanted to get the Friends lego advent calendar  because my little hockey players would have been all about those black ice skates.  I was too slow though and they sold out.  So no ice skates.  instead for a small $ I bought a regular set and am going to put them in the advent calendar I am making!  I have assembled a bunch of match boxes, and i will put one piece of the instructions and the appropriate Lego pieces in each box.  so everyday they will build a little towards the final project ( i am not going to let them see the end results!  just build a little each day!)  I am pretty excited to start this, and as this is the 3rd, and it is 8 p.m. and i am not done, tomorrow they will get a jump start, because they will get 4 boxes.I will post a picture of the finished Advent boxes tomorrow.

The last box will be a star shape, something a little bigger to hold all that is left.  I will give them this box when we come back from my brothers Christmas Eve party, technically it is usually just about the 25th then anyways.  They can finish the build while they are waiting for us old fogies to wake up and do stockings!!

so here is something new.  A SHARE! Freebie!  i had to design a star box, so I am sharing it here...if you do download it, please feel free to share a link to  my blog with anyone who would like it, refrain from passing it on as yours or selling the digital design itself.  Also, I would really appreciate a comment, so that i know that it is worth posting.

Now all of those UFOs.....well that is a post, perhaps for tomorrow...

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