Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A New Year, A New Effort

I am once again amazed at how much we have in our home.  over the past 2 years I have to believe that while I walk into my home and wonder how it is that I have not made a difference in how much I have, that I have in fact made a difference.  However, the standards that I continue to set for myself are increasing just as quickly!

I believe that if i had a count on the number of items, it would indeed be fewer.  It is just that those numbers are so large that it is overwhelming. I have spent them majority of the last two years travelling.  Obviously that means that during those times most of our things are sitting unused. Each time I have returned home with a renewed effort to discard what is not needed.  Also, with very limited space in our vehicle we have been very conscientious about acquiring items.   Still, we have brought new items into our home that have reflected our wants and interests.  We have overindulged our children this Christmas....simply because we felt badly that they did not need anything.....??? I know!  I see my fault LOL!

I am always focussing on "what can i get rid of?!"  Today I am going to take just 15 minutes and first look at a room, I will ask myself "what is the purpose of this room?"  Then I will ask "what do i NEED in this room?" followed by "what do I LOVE in this room?"  and finally I will challenge myself to remove 10 items from the room.  What i do with those items makes all the difference.  If i simply move them to another place in my home I am doing myself, home and family no favors, just wasting time.  I will decide BEFORE  picking it up what I will do with it.  Discard or if it is something I LOVE or NEED I will put it in its proper place.

here goes.....
so thAT was not exacty a success.  It was not a failure though. I did look at the room objectively, our master bedroom, and actually wrote the rooms purpose and my goals down. I also remove 3 things from the room.  However much more is needed ;)

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