Thursday, November 1, 2012

Does This Make Life Simpler??

Or Do I really need this?

For Halloween my mother gave me this kitchen gadget!  Yay something new to try, and i was very intrigued, until I opened it and saw how many pieces there were.  And i thought, "wait, what is wrong with the shell it came in?"

I had never seen (or maybe just did not notice them...). But have seen them in the 3 stores i have been in since!  Guess everybody needs them.

The idea is that you 'simply' crack the egg into the Eggies and then boil that, so that you don't have to peel of the egg shell.  BUT. You have 4 parts per egg boiled to clean!  The set comes with enough to boil 6 'eggs'

Their saving grace is that they are top rack dishwasher safe.  Thing is that I wish i just had two top racks!  So I cannot use them tonight after all,  but will have to see if i am still in the mood to hard boil eggs tomorrow.  Then i have to see if i have a place to store one more setof kitchen gadgets!!!

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